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Cowlitz County Washington is not only home to Rivers of Joy Church, but also home to the Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. On May 18th, 1980 The Eruption of Mt. St. Helens changed our world forever. The once peaceful Mountian and surrounding lakes were were totally destroyed.


Have you ever been there?

Was the world you knew a peaceful, beautiful, heaven on earth. Then suddenly you woke up one morning and without warning, everything was utterly destroyed. They say that the eruption of Mt. St. Helens was the equivalent to five hundred atomic bombs. Everything in it's path, thousands of acres ceased to exist. Setting off floods, and the largest landslide in recorded history. Have you ever felt like that? That your life was so utterly devistated, that there is absolutely no hope. Every thing you see is gray, and every landmark that you ever knew is gone. Maybe your experience wasn't a volcano but it left the same feeling of utter devastation and hopelessness.

There is hope!

In the middle of this horrible situation we saw the supernatural protection of God. Living through this disaster we have seen that no matter how hopeless your situation may seem. We have a God who is in control. He is able to transform any situation. For everything that is a destructive force, there is also something creative. At Mt. St. Helens things did not change instantly, but with hard work, time, and the supernatural intervention of God, a Miracle happened. A miracle can happen in your life as well. Things may not end up exactly how they had been, or how you planned for them to be. But God can transform your situation, just as he has for Mt. St. Helens. God specializes in the miraculous. If we just choose to call on Him, trust him, and live by his word. He can transform our lives also. Today, Mt. St. Helens stands as a beautiful example of Gods miraculous power to transform any situation.


Click on the video link below to view more about the eruption of Mt. St. Helens.
You can see more pictures of Mt. St. Helens before and after, at the end of our Northwest Gallery: 1,13,&28-38.
Link to NW Gallery.

youtube Links to this video The 1980 Eruption: 3 |  4 |  5 |  6 |  7 |  1 |  2 |  Order DVD


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